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All services to domestic violence and sexual assault survivors are confidential.

Crisis Center safe shelters are intended as temporary places for survivors to stay when there is or may be danger. Advocates will immediately assist shelter residents to secure permanent housing or provide appropriate assistance with relocation. Clients that do not stay in shelter but do need assistance in finding a safe home are also welcome to work with advocates.

Yes, advocates can explain and assist with this process. No, we do not charge for this service. And we encourage clients to keep in contact with our office to answer additional questions and help you address concerns.

Yes, survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault are encouraged to contact our office to discuss how to get involved with an education/support group. There is no charge to be involved, however; participants need to speak with an advocate before attending group. These group opportunities are available for both English and Spanish speaking survivors and their school aged children. There is childcare available for children too young to attend group.

Advocates on staff speak English and Spanish. Crisis Center advocates can also access a language line that connects to 37 different languages.

We work with many other helpful agencies in this community that provide additional services. For example, for legal assistance we direct clients to Legal Aide and to discuss housing costs we would direct you to Central Nebraska Community Services. There are many helpers in our community and we would gladly provide you with their contact information or make introductions.

Probably not, however; we will make every effort to find an appropriate place for your pet to stay. We understand your connection to your pet and will assist you with this process. Some options utilized in the past for shelter resident pets have been foster families and professional kennels.

Services provided to domestic violence and sexual assault survivors are free of charge. There are minimal fees involved with the safe exchange and visitation service. Participants in the Batterer Intervention Program are required to pay an intake fee and for classes.

Crisis Center funds may be available for such emergencies. To know for sure, bring all documentation (i.e. shut-off notices) to our office and speak with an advocate. Please know that if Crisis Center is able to provide financial assistance, an advocate will need to visit your home to complete a required inspection prior to making any payments.



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• Domestic Violence (physical, verbal, financial, emotional, etc.)
• Sexual Assault (rape and other assaults of a sexual nature)
• Human Trafficking
• Stalking
• Harassment
• Safety Planning
• Gender-based violence
• Support Groups (Adults & Children)
• Trauma Informed Advocacy
• Healthy Relationships

• Bullying
• Domestic Protection Order Assistance
• Harassment Order Assistance
• Sexual Assault Protection Order Assistance
• Bi-Lingual Services
• Dating Violence
• Domestic Violence Intervention Programs and Education (Victims & Perpetrators)
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• Effects of Domestic Violence on Children